Baby Cashmere Jubilee Pop-Up Concept

Baby Cashmere Jubilee Pop-Up Concept
World Wide Roll-Out

In May 2019, Loro Piana opened The Rare Walk in New York's burgeoning Meatpacking district, its first ever store dedicated to footwear. Scheduled to close after one month, the temporary store lasted throughout the entire year.

The interior is designed to surround customers by softness and warmth, while maintaining a lively atmosphere. Dunes of threads remind of the Inner Mongolian landscapes, where Loro Piana sources its cashmere. Selected shoes rest on the tips of these dunes, while bags sit on swings scattered around the sales floor. A mirrored room with neon shoes reflects the mood of New York's downtown, and the Made-To-Order wall formed out of fabric tiles in all available colours shows the Loro Piana's colourful side.

An interior garden replicates the nearby High Line park with it's foliage and its design elements. It is a tribute to the neighbourhood and to Loro Piana's passion towards nature.

In line with the brand's motto to take yourself less seriously, this store represents the brand's playful side.

Task: Creative Design & Design Development

Baby Cashmere Jubilee Pop-Up Concept
Baby Cashmere Jubilee Pop-Up Concept
Baby Cashmere Jubilee Pop-Up Concept
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