Concept Store

Concept Store
Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan

In 2017, Fendi opened a temporary store in Omotesando, Tokyo's most fashionable, intellectual and young retail area. Situated between Harajuku and Cat Street, the interior conceptually merges the area's typically industrial style with dynamic design features at the highest level of creativity, tradition, craftsmanship and refinement. The façade is a contemporary interpretation of Fendi's headquarters in Rome, with thousands of hand-made Murano glass bricks protruding from a travertine clad - a traditional Italian architectural element. Combined with selected historical Fendi miniature looks placed inside minimalistic arches, this storefront stands out for its fresh and colourful appearance. A winding tree, collected by plant hunter Seijun Nishihata in Japan's inner Sasayama prefecture, decorates the staircase connecting the lower Women's floor with the upper Men's area. It is accompanied by a hand-crafted Ikebana installation descending the void.

Task: Design Development & Project Management

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Concept Store
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Concept Store
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