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Mega Pop-Up Store
Ginza Chuo-Dori, Tokyo, Japan

For the celebration of its 50th anniversary in Japan, Fendi opens a unique boutique in Ginza, Tokyo, one of the world's most bustling and thriving shopping areas. As the first full-category store in Japan for Fendi, its three floors are filled with playfulness and acts as a one-of-a-kind Mega Pop-Up Shop. The store's design expresses Fendi's and Japan's shared values, where culture is deeply rooted in the respect for traditional craftsmanship and the passion for creativity and innovation. While the facade reinterprets Rome's Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana - now Fendi's headquarter - the interior is a mix of modern and contemporary interpretation of both Rome's and Tokyo's architecture and innovative, creative characters. Customers are able to discover accessories and leathergoods cheerfully displayed in Italian Piaggio Ape cars on the ground floor, while an oversized boom box on the men's upper floor is used to display headphones designed by Fendi in collaboration with Beats By Dre. On the basement, high-end furs and ready-to-wear collections are found, surrounded by historical dresses from renowned movies such as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Devil Wears Prada, where matching digital content enhances the overall experience. To further enrich the clients journeys, short films from behind the scenes can be enjoyed inside the mini-cinema 'Making Dreams', built on-site as a theater set, with local wood and Japanese paper. Karl Lagerfeld's 'The Glory of Water' photographs of Rome's fountains are projected onto a waterfall, while famous Japanese flower artist Azuma Makoto created an exclusive botanical art piece that forms a surreal blend of nature and couture. With meticulous dedication to details, he suspended a hand-made tree covered with moss, on which Fendi fur pom pom's decorate the branches through fours seasons as leaves, buds and blossoms with a special Sakura arrangement for the Hanami season at the store's opening in April 2015. This 1200sqm project was designed in less than a month and built in a record 25 weeks.

Task: Design Development & Project Management

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