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Transitional Concept Store
SKP-S, Beijing, China

SKP-S disrupts the common idea of department stores by combining fashion and art in an immersive museum-like retail space, where extensive non-commercial areas are dedicated to constantly changing installations. For Fendi, we designed a versatile transformative space, to create experiences beyond basic retail. Embedded in the architectural details, the brand's DNA is at the project's core, while remaining subtle enough to function as a stage for seasonal merchandising animations. The concept easily adapts to take-overs and pop-in activations, such as Fendi's collaborations with Joshua Vides and Nicki Minaj. The store's shell is a contemporary interpretation of Rome's architecture, where selected materials such as Carrara and Nero Marquina marbles reflect Fendi's history and presence at the same time, while its iconic textures and Karl Lagerfeld's 'Astuccio' pattern are subtly embedded into the overall design.

Task: Creative Design & Design Development

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